Be The Best In The Business By Doing It Right The First Time

Starting with Design Import Analysis, our tool-design team can create or modify your tooling.

We accept all standard CAD file formats. Our friendly and experienced tool-design team will help you reach your goals.

Our manufacturing team utilizes the latest technologies including:
  • Automated ladles
  • Barcoded lot control
  • Closed-loop process control
We produce parts that meet the highest quality and standards.  We specialize in complex pressure vessels and other challenging parts.  Many of our regular jobs were awarded to us by our customers because their previous providers were incapable of providing parts which consistently met quality requirements and delivery.

We can provide finishing operations such as:
  • Vibratory deburr
  • Batch type shot blast unit
  • Heat treat
  • Washing
  • Assembly
  • Packaging
We are truly a one-stop-shop.
Regardless of run size, or part complexity, we can satisfy your project requirements.

Our quality assurance team implements our quality policies utilizing:
  • Six Sigma
  • Continuous in-process inspections
  • Metal analysis spectrometry
  • PPAP procedures
  • Leak testing
  • Real-time fluoroscopic X-Ray
  • Multiple automated CMM inspection work centers

Our mission is to make it right the first time.